[SOLD]: TB 6s2p Epower Pack [US] PRICE DROP

Its been used for probably about 25 cycles. Still working beautifully. Will come with charger (2A). Only thing missing is the little charging plug cover but they are like $1.50 on eBay. Perfect for a cruiser or entry level board. Bought for $200, selling for $140 OBO.


PRICE DROP: $120 shipped

DOUBLE PRICE DROP: $110 shipped!

Hey man, whats the deal with shipping something like this to Canada?

Did yours come with that enclosure?

not sure what shipping to canada would look like but i’ll check. the enclousure that came with it snapped after my first couple rides. if you want for like $30 more I can add the enclousure I got from @psychotiller

let’s see what shipping looks like and go from there.

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ill look at it now.

bump to the top…

@mmaner you thought about 6s for your second toolcart? lol

I’ve got too.many batteries as it is, sorry.

haha no worries, i’ll probably use it on a nice low power build for my friend

That’s be a good idea. Maybe some high kv hubs.

yea i’ve got an old propdrive 270kv sitting around, i’ve got some new trucks, my own mounts, a few different decks. i’ll probably get a cheap HK esc

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Willing to buy it if you still have the battery. Been a lurker for a while but I’m starting my first build.

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