(SOLD)TB Vesc For Sale

Here are 4 TB vesc 4.12 for sale, ripped apart for an experiment. 68$ each shipped(one 2200uf cap included with each vesc.)

Each vesc has about 20 miles on it. you can have the original caps and the board if you want they are still in one piece.

IMG_20190205_010512 IMG_20190205_010500 I

Brought all the vescs after may 2018.

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So let me get this straight just so I understand. You have disassembled 4 vescs and are now asking $73 each for someone to reassemble said vescs to continue your research into whether the cap upgrade works? Not sure thats a very good deal. Could be wrong though.


Erm no I did know what cap works because I had a recent thread and I have moved twords focboxes

Actually it wasn’t the reason why I had disassembled them it was because I intended to use two on my Spud and 2 on my mini build but never got to it and just used a cheap esc substitute

And partially because my antispark kept failing so I never finished my build🤣

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are you selling these with 10awg wire and xt90’s and bullet connectors? because if someone wanted to buy these and assemble them they would also have to buy those parts and at that point would you not buy it from @torqueboards for $85 assembled?

I can include all the parts and assemble them…

I have a shit load of 5.5mm and xt 90 (the kind that won’t melt)

Ill just drop the price because I’m too lazy.

68$ shipped


Excuse the manner in which this revelation was arrived at. All good my young friend.


Dammit stop replying I gotta sleep and I keep waiting for your replies. It’s frekin 1:39am in NYC

Sleep is overrated :relieved: Always worth waiting replies from @dareno :joy:


If you put motor leads and assemble one, I’d be interested because I’m not a good handy man


Im with @KaramQ, If its assembled I would be interested

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Hey guys cant do it soldered anymore, just broke my wrist yesterday.

Ouch, hope you recover, if there is instructions I could probably do it myself, any idea if it would work with this 800W motor. It is 3 phase and has the Hall sensors so it should work.

No, those motors have too high a kv. You want a motor kv of 190 or less. (100 to 190) That one is 1100 I think

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only 140-230kv for 10s belts and 120kv below for hubs 10s

cant immagine 100kv on belt :rofl:

would rip the soles off your shoes

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isn’t Kv, ERPM/Voltage? (1333/48 = 28)

?? huh no i think its more complicated to find kv,

but erpm is v times kv= erpm

lower kv= lower torque but there is a logical limit…

noone would use a 1kv motor/

So in this case at a rpm of 1100: kv = erpm/V 1333 / 48 = 28

also these seem to have plenty of torque


i cant really answer all the questons but the search bar would really help.

but this is an 800W motor at 48V it shouldn’t exceed 25A which the Vesc should handle (nvm just read the edit) image