(SOLD)Tons of wheels - antispark switch - For Sale

hey, guys so I’m selling some of my wheels right now because I need bigger wheels, and partially because I don’t want to fall again due to cracks and brake my other wrist. And maybe because my parents are mad about my stockpile of wheels.

TB 97MM wheels (40 miles) 45$ shipped IMG_20190206_221844 IMG_20190206_221902

Orangatang In Heat 75mm Wheels (ex boosted wheels, i took the pulley off of em.) 11$ shipped IMG_20190206_222110 IMG_20190206_222053

Abec Superfly 90mm (miles? idk?) 37$ shipped

Flywheels%2090mm%20%231 Flywheels%2090mm%20%232

MBS wheels (less than 10 miles) 60$ shipped Mbs%20100mm%20wheels%20%231 Mbs%20100mm%20wheels%20%232

caliber 2 trucks (30 miles) 37$ shipped CAliber%20Trucks%20%231 CAliber%20Trucks%20%232

Item location: Brooklyn NY

Item added

Luna cycle anti spark switch (33$ shipped) Lunacycle%20antispark%20%231 Lunacycle%20antispark%20%232

BUMP price lowered a bit

hey man, the trucks are still available ?

I’ll take the 90mm flywheels and the caliber 2s

Why don’t you just melt them down and make new wheels?



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: lol

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I feel attacked here :rofl:


Antispark added to posting 33$ shipped new

I’ll take the antispark switch, and the MBS all terrain wheels.

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Bumpety Bump

TB 97MM wheels (40 miles) 45$ shipped

Orangatang In Heat 75mm Wheels (ex boosted wheels, i took the pulley off of em.) 10$ shipped

Bruh you’re gonna make my sale thread go bankrupt lol whats with the stock of nice wheels for sale ?

Going AT with tyres?

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sry bro :grimacing::sweat_smile: lol

im going to tb 110, because i have some dd’s coming


The TB110 are so nice


will they has a smack dab of tb’s logo on the final run? and they might just avoid me another wrist injury on bridges with big cracks

*cough *cough NYC!!! :exploding_head::rage:

You get a pass Williamsburg Bridge



40$ shipped for the Tb 97MM wheels

7$ shipped for the orangatang In heat wheels (HOLD)

I’ll buy the orangatang wheels.

Sorry Bruv, those are on hold forgot to update it.

Ok, I got excited for a second.

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Whats Left. TB 97MM wheels (40 miles) 42$ shipped

@mmaner all sold… please close the thread :smiley: