SOLD: Torque Board Carbon Fiber Deck


I bought a Rocket Dual and rode it for a few weeks before really missing my drop deck and deciding to swap the components over. This deck is in really good used condition, and I tried to take pictures of all the imperfections. There are scuffs where the motors made contact with the board. One side is only wear in the clear coat, the other side is barely worn into the carbon. If you look at other people’s Rockets, this is pretty common from the motors being mounted a little too close to the deck. There’s also some scuffing from the front wheels but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gone through the clear coat. Other than that, it’s pretty great. There is a small imperfection in the clear that was done during manufacturing and hasn’t gotten any worse (check out my initial thoughts post on reddit where I mention it: I’d be happy to take any closer pictures that you might want. It is absolutely structurally sound and is incredibly light. Really cool deck, just wasn’t the style I was looking for.

I’m looking for SOLD through Paypal including shipping to the US. It goes for $360 new: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/33-torque-rocket-carbon-fiber-deck/

Thanks for looking!

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post some pics, I might be interested. waiting to hear about a jet spud 29, if it falls through Ill PM you.

There’s an imgur link at the very top. Let me know if you want any other pictures.

Intrested I’ll pm u

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is the TB logo on the bottom of the deck vinyl or paint?

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I really don’t know. It’s under the clear coat though, so it could be either.

its raised off the surface on mine probably vinyl

That’s weird, I’m almost positive it’s under the clear coat on mine. I’ll double check after work today

that could very well be true under the clear coat but feels like sticker

Intrested more if I can remove sticker

Gotcha. Yeah I don’t think so but I’ll double check after work.

Yeah on mine the logo looks like vinyl, but it’s under the clear coat. There’s no way you could get it off cleanly.

Oh well still a nice deck I’m still seeing if it’s in the budget but I don’t get paid till fridsy

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Bump bump.

I ended up getting the deck Ive been waiting on, sorry. Maybe in a couple of weeks if you still have it.

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I will take it if you still have it…pm me pp addy…thx

Sold! Thanks Crush

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