[SOLD] Torqueboards E-PowerPack 12s3p for Sale $200, NYC

I have a 12s3p pack from Torqueboards that I’m looking to sell. It has the built in switch, usb ports, and battery gauge. I believe they are Samsung 25R cells. Used a handful of times for testing, but realized its just too long to fit in the wheelbase of any of my boards. I cut the shrink wrap off to see if I could rearrange everything to make it fit, but just decided to sell instead. I could provide some new shrink wrap if needed.

I’d prefer to sell locally in NYC, since shipping Li-ion batteries is a pain in the ass. Asking $200, which I think is more than fair for a pretty much brand new pack. Comes with 2A charger

I had the same problem with my 12S5P. Just remake the pack and stack the batteries/. 2 layers. So you don’t loose money and keep a great battery pack.

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Picture and plz?

I guess it depends on when you bought it for the cells. I got mine last year and they were he2’s still going strong btw. I also had an issue with mine being too long. So I folded it over. Crazy cause it’s back to normal now to suit my needs once again.

I’m in the Bronx New York Will get it from you

Here’s a pic.

Thanks all for the tips and comments. If this was the only battery I had I’d certainly modify it, but I bought more parts than I know what to do with at the moment, and figure I should “share the wealth” a little per se, and just give someone a good deal if it will work for their application.


Is this still available?

Tentatively sold. Will update for sure this evening

If not I call dibs

If they dont want it ill take it

Got a suggestion for you. I ran those TB 12s Esc’s on my first build with 12s and There was way too much power(hard to control) and they also ran too hot at 12s. I literally burned one up it got so hot. You might be better off running them at 10s.

This is SOLD.