[SOLD]: Trampa, Focboxes & APS 6374

Hi guys,

What’s Left:

  • 2* Focbox, with Metr Module, canbus cable, and sensor cables - $210 Shipped Lower 48
  • 2* APS 6384 170kV - $230 Shipped lower 48

So I started my Trampa Day Walker and bever finished it. It’s just been sitting. Well some of my focus changed and building track car. So never really got into MTB

I am posting a list of what I paid for the parts included, and not listing a sale price. I am open to reasonable offers. Everything considered new. There is one blemish on the gear drive from rolling out if my driveway after install to feel backlash.

  • EToXX Direct Drive 4:1 W/Helical upgrade and keyways $760
  • 2X APS 6384 170Kv - $260
  • MBS F5 Bindings $80
  • Trampa Holy Pro, Vertigo ATB front truck, Blue Springs, White & Blue Baseplates, Titanium Kingpins, White & Blue With Blue Spokes Superstars on 6.5" Urban Treads $860
  • 2X Focbox $280
  • Heatsink Focbox Case & MTB Mount $75
  • Metr Module $20

Totalling ~2315 without shipping charges

I am open to shipping at buyers expense.



I’m going hold off on part outs. Serious inquiries as a whole only. ITEMS are NEW. No I am not expecting what I paid. But I won’t entetain low-ball offers. But seriously don’t be afraid of messaging me. With your best offer.


:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: I was waiting to see the Daywalker unleashed!


It looks beautiful :smiley:

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It doesn’t fit in the s2000. Unlike the Evo or Icarus. So it’s gotta go. Lol




Yeah I’m not willing to put anything on the trunk. Been considering welding a hitch like


But for 2nd set of wheels, or wife’s bike.


Trucks are milled and mated to the drives.


I would be all over it if I wasn’t part of the Rebellion. :joy::joy:


beautiful car, my buddy has the same colour! Unfortunately hes gotta sell her :sleeping: :cry:

That’s not mine. Just what I would do if I built a hitch.


That’s mine…

So nobody interested in the Trampa? not even an offer lol. It’s already programmed, just needs a battery and a remote…


still a stunner :heart_eyes:

I think me, @sender and the rest of the rebels need to start a pool to buy it and run it ragged…all the way to total destruction :grin:.


I’d be interested in the bindings. I’m with the rebellion.


Hey there. Im new in this forum. Not sure how to message you. Can you please message me? Thanks

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So nice and a good price. BTW s2k are nice too I actually work for Honda.

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To everyone that has messaged me offering 600-800 dollars complete. Y’all are out of your mind. The drives alone are the price.

I’ll take best offer over $1500 + shipping, prefer to ship in Cont 48 US only, if someone offers $1800 ill ship free anywhere in the lower 48 free.

Think about it. I need this gone ASAP.


Fuck I want those drives and motots badly I’ve been staring for two days now…e toxx drives are the best drives…and look awsome…only if they fit a normal skate truck…as I don’t need the suspension trucks…this is a great deal folks…his prices are good …

  • Sold @ZmasteR Trampa, Drives, wheels, trucks


  • MBS F5 Foot Straps @DilatedPupils ? -$55 shipped lower 48
  • 2* APS 6384 170kV Motors $230 shipped lower 48
  • Dual Finned Focbox Case with Truck mount(works on emtb and skate trucks) -$55 shipped lower 48
  • 2* Focbox - 125 each shipped in the US Lower 48 (240 shipped if you get both and I’ll include a Metr Module, canbus cable and both sensor wires free)

Damnit I was just going to offer you a weekend in finland with proper beer, finnish rally, some fun at the track nearby. Along with sauna, fishing and koskenkorva. And a none castrated dog you wanted. Fuuck. Always too late.


Cool. I’ll take the foot straps and the dual focbox case. Pm me your PayPal. Thank you very much.

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