>>>SOLD<<< Trampa HolyPro - ETOXX Chain Drive - UK

(hes selling the whole board put together, not parts)

Good price wish I hadn’t just built a new one

Is the board sold?

I currently have 2 mortgages!!

Why do you enjoy getting ripped a new ass hole for ur 2 yr olds education that they wont even remember anyways. Common bro i was in private school my entire life. what a waste of money. with that money in an IRA long term fund and your baby wont have to work by the time hes older. no need for expensive educations. biggest scam of this generation is convincing the people that education is better if you pay more, while banks feed everyone with loans they cant pay back since they are students, kids are in enormous debt to pay for education as if its a real investment with a slim chance that your child will be better off than others in cheaper school. same goes for college and student loans. I got my computer engineering degree from a city school for free and none of my job interviews ever cared if i even had a degree. You child will be better served by real world experience and the internet than fancy overprice education.

Worse of all you have to sell you board, your passion and maybe your child passion too. that to me is priceless.

Sorry for the speech nothing against you and your parenting (you dont have to listen to me since i dont have any kids yet lol) i just very against what our education system has become in this country. education does not by any means cost that much to provide.


I will buy it if it’s still available

Sorry about hijacking this sales thread. but wanted to answer the question…

@Mikeomania12 If you really want to have a discussion, let’s DM and not continue to hijack this thread I have many first world problems, my daughter’s schools is not one of them, and with my wife’s income, we make what a few would consider say “too much money”, literally 18 years of very little spending and a lot of savings and IRA. My daughter’s so called education is expensive to some but does not affect my standard of living much, her college fund is already funded unless cost increase dramatically, so nothing is taken from her. I don’t spend much on anything luxurious like many of my colleagues in the same income bracket. They like their fancy cars, I love my trucks. They buy boats, I buy “toys” like an esk8.

Where do you live where a college degree can be gotten for free? My BS in CS cost me a lot but definitely not as bad as what the system charges now. For me, my college education got me my first job, then it was skills and resume that gets the next job. Our choice of so called education for a 2 year old is not really for the education but better facility and care while we work. I live in an area where all day care and Montessori is $1000+ a month. I’ve visited the lower cost ones and it’s not a place I want children to be as many of them don’t get the attention they need.

@stylr I too have two mortgages, bought my mom a house 15 years ago (15 more to go on one, 19 on mine)


I’ll take it if its still up for sale.

Is the board still available?

still up for sale?

…how is the transaction?still available?

Sorry guys, board is no longer for sale.

I have a local friend who has made me a generous offer

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I’ll take it if still available

Do u still have this if so I’ll take it




not availebil for Buy its a very nice Board

It´s mine :slight_smile: @moderators could you close this?


@mmaner or @anorak234 please close the topic