[SOLD] Trampa motor mount

Hello I have this motor mount but I don’t have a trampaboard haha any guy are interested in this item 180usd+shipping20181104_132437-1 Only 4 motor pulley

Wait so it is $180+ for just the motor pulley?

No 180 for the trampa motormount and the motor pulleys(4) and wheels pulleys +shipping

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how many teeth are the motor pulleys? And how wide?

the pulleys work for supersar and mbs rims? are those idler for the mount too? if yes, how and where to mount them?

Hello the pulleys have 20mm 72t

Superstars and hypa hubs

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Would you be willing to sell just those 72t pulleys?

i send pm for you

160usd for this motor mount :slight_smile:

Still have? Location?

No, it’s sold