**SOLD** Trampa Mount for Sale

I bought this with intents on using it, but then something else went on sale, so I bought that as well. Hasn’t been used, just loosely assembled (no loctite) for test fitting purposes.

This sale includes

All Terrain Creations mount also includes the cross bars

Four (4) 390-5m-15 belts

Two (2) Trampaboard’s motor pulleys

Two (2) Trampaboard’s wheel (slave) pulleys

Also have somegrub screws, bolts, and spacers for holding everything together.

Total cost is around $200 (a bit more, but that’s arguing over pennies). I’d be happy to take $175 since everything is un-used, but am open to offers. Feel free to PM or to message here.

Thanks, and I will upload pictures later today (after work). Also forgot to list: Shipping from St Paul MN - prefer US only.

Are you open to just selling the mounts?

Depends on the price, I may consider it. Shoot me an offer.

Also, would you want the crossbars as well? Or just strictly the mounts?

Will these fit Mbs matrix as well.I’m thinking the mounts may be ok but the wheel pulleys being different than MBS.

PMd for purchase

I think your third in line

Not quite certain.

@Rithblu makes them. Would be a good question for him.


My apologies, I marked the title as SOLD, but did not leave a comment.

I did some actual napkin math and the total was closer to $250 originally + ~$50 shipping, but oh well… Items have been sold/shipped to their new owner.

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