(SOLD)Trampa MTB 35 Holypro deck, 8 inch Superstar Wheel, Vertigo Truck, 136KV Motor

Hey guys, Selling Price USD750 excluded shipping fee. I am selling off my Trampa MTB. This board i bought from a local guy here which seldom use, after i bought and start to build put in VESC and battery. All running well. Location Singapore. Pricing included what you see in the photo. Trampa complete board without VESC and Battery. You can just plug 12S battery and VESC and good to go. Shipping fee is depend which county you from and i have to check my local shipment.

Anyone if interest just shoot me a message. We can discuss. Payment method through paypal.

Above is the latest photo. Other photo can refer my older post. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/on-hold-trampa-mtb-35-holypro-deck-8-inch-superstar-wheel-vertigo-truck-136kv-motor/26390

Hi, I might be interested. Could you check shipping cost to: Tahiti - French Polynesia 98702.

How many plys is that board made of?


looks good, cheap?. should sell fast. those trampa motors and mounts are 400 pounds plus shipping on there own

How many plys is the deck?

If you don’t know could you measure the thickness of it?

Definitely interested. Shipping would be to Perth, Australia.

Sorry, had sold.

thanks for interest.