(SOLD) Two Evolve Bamboo GT's for Sale (Bay Area)

Hello, I have two Evolve Bamboo GT’s for sale. I’m located in Northern California in the bay area. I have loved them dearly, but need them sold.


Evolve Bamboo GT Street Evolve Bamboo GT 2 in 1

Flatland 3d Extras

There’s a little wear and tear in the street one as I’ve had it longer, and sometimes it does need some fixing upping. Motors have been replaced on it.

Any questions feel free to ask, thanks!

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that’s alotta evolve! good luck!

Pm sent hehe

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How long have you had the boards ?

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Post it on the Bay Area Esk8 group on Facebook, you never know might have a buyer looking for one :+1:t3:

Damn, I don’t have a Facebook though

how much will you be selling them for?

Sold for $1700


Nice sale! you must of made someone very happy :blush:


I even got to try a Raptor 2 and let him try my Kaly :slightly_smiling_face: