**SOLD** [UK] 500g/approx 38meters NICKEL STRIP 8mmx0.2

no longer needed as I have Completed my batteries.

£20 for 250g or 37.50 for the full roll

Seems like a decent price… But i just bought a 6m of 8mm x 0.15mm - I heard Sunkko 709A cant do 0.2mm - is it true? Then some other guy showed a chart that it does on higher settings.

Yeah, not sure which one my friend has (ill ask) but worked fine on high setting :+1:t2:

This is an excellent price for pure nickel about what you’d pay on Alibaba.com but without having to buy a whole kg and without the wait customs and foreign shipping cost + David is a gold plated member, not gone? Should be soon

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Only gold plated ! I was thinking more diamond encrusted :joy: Well i will be when i get my carver finished :ok_hand:t2:

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709a can do 0.3 with main welder and 0.2 with pen. I had one of Those time ago.

I will take it.

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10 char