SOLD! US Carvon v4.5? Speed drives FOR PARTS

EDITH: will let go for $125 plus shipping

Selling as JUNK for parts only

Carvon 4.5 speed drives Originally I purchased these from the link below unfortunately they turned to be a total bust since one of them had issues since the day I received the board. Warranty repair didn’t do very well and here we are 4 months later just tired of waiting around for the board to get “fixed”

one drive works well. The other one seems to skip under load, even on flat smooth terrain (watch video)

Make an offer if you need parts.
They fit Abec wheels.



not interested in the sale, but, could prob give you hand with that issue (if you’re up to it)

what esc do you have and fw version?


Hey brother. Thank you I appreciate it but I had it with these things. I just want them gone! I’ve wasted 4 months waiting around for them to be fixed and at this point I don’t even want them near me. They make me nauseous :nauseated_face:

Thanks again for the offer :+1:t3:




Hahaha 10char

Where you livin’ Brother?

Sanjo ca 10char

BUMP. Will sell them for $125 plus shipping No baseplate included :+1:t3:

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Hey I know that board! I literally know the history of that drive! It’s one of the ones from Miguel’s/Exiledd_Top 4WD crash. Last I saw it was working after Jerry repaired it (yeah he actually used to help out)


Oh damn!! That suxs.
I didn’t had high expectations for the dd but unlucky me. I didn’t even get to ride it. Still one of the motors is good. Totally worth the $$ for parts I think lol

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