SOLD [US]: Evolve Bamboo GT street & AT setup CUSTOM 10s4p LG HG2 battery pack w/ 97mm ABEC Flywheels

I have a 2 year old Evolve Bamboo GT for sale. This listing contains the following:

  1. Evolve Bamboo GT electric skateboard with custom 10s4p LG HG2 18650 battery pack. (battery pack is about one year old)
  2. R1 remote with carry case (no R2)
  3. 4x Lightly used original 83mm wheels
  4. 4x 97mm ABEC11 Flywheels 75a. Small chip on one of the wheels (see photo)
  5. 4x Evolve AT wheels with the associated gear drive setup, motor covers, belts. I mainly used the ABEC flywheels so the AT wheels were only used a handful of times.
  6. A full set of Shredlights. 2x front lights and 2x rear lights with the Evolve mounts already installed as seen in the picture. There is a GoPro mount on the front base plate that you can remove if you want to. It’s just GoPro adhesive.
  7. Stock 2A Evolve charger
  8. The original box that came with the skateboard.

Selling for $1000. I replaced the stock Evolve battery after one year of use, and replace it with this custom-made 10s4p LG HG2 18650 battery pack ($400 value) . The 12Ahr battery pack is well-balanced (see photo), despite the one year of use. The battery is bigger than a Bamboo GTX battery, which only has a 10Ahr battery and the 7.5Ahr Bamboo GT battery. The skateboard is fully functional with no cutouts from the remote and very smooth operation. NO VOLTAGE SAG until the last mile before it is completely out of battery. The R2 remote maintains power even on the longest rides. The R2 remote has a small scuff next to the charge port (see photo), but doesn’t affect the functionality at all and NO COMMUNICATION CUTOUTS. I will ship the skateboard in its original box. PM me if you’re interested or have any questions about the board. Thanks! PM me if you’re interested or have any questions about the board. Thanks!

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Will you part it out if you don’t get takers?

No, because I would rather keep the skateboard as a complete than have it in parts.

Try eBay, better chances of selling

15% cut is yuck :stuck_out_tongue:

1650 for an evolve is pretty expensive when we can make a custom board that goes 30-40mph for 1700


Yes. This is a complete.

That 10s4p, how many cycles does it have on it, one year old pack is considered old with constant ussage

Cycle count is 89

How much is your lowest price for this board? If ok, shipped to Jakarta - Indonesia.

Even with the upgraded battery pack this is overpriced…

I’m all for letting sellers price their items whichever way they please, but seriously, evolve sell brand new bamboo GT’s for less than 900 US.

I’ve never seen it sold for $900 USD. Do you have a source for that statement?

Hi, it is still on sale?

did you make the battery pack or did you buy it?

yes. it’s still for sale.

I made it. It still holds up well after a year.

I think you’ll still struggle to be fair