SOLD [US] New FocBox Unity from 2nd Batch with Heat Sink

New never been mounted or plugged in FocBox Unity with heat sink. I was gathering parts for a new build and have had something come up and need to sell. I will only ship inside the US. I would like to sell together so I will knock off $20 bucks if you buy both. Don’t wait for the next batch buy mine.

FocBox Unity: $280 shipped Heat Sink: $60 shipped

Both: $320 shipped (save $20).

IMG_20190412_072746 IMG_20190412_072822

Wait what?!

A non rip-off unity in the esk8 market,

nice one hope it sells fast.


I’ll buy it!


Second in line

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He sold it to someone else :pensive:

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I had two buyers contact me through PM at the same time one was willing to buy both the other wanted to buy just the Unity. I am sorry if anyone feels like there was any unfairness.