[SOLD] [US] TB VESC For Sale - $80 Shipped Priority

I’ve got a TB VESC that has been used as a single motor setup for about 2 weeks as I was waiting for some focboxes. This VESC has been great thus far and has not shown any issues at all. I was running BLDC sensored with moderate settings.

If you are unfamiliar, it runs 4.12 HW and 2.18 FW. I can reflash to achmaniac’s FW as well. Has xt90 power connector, and 5.5mm bullets

I’m looking for $80 USD shipped priority within the USA. I’m not really looking to ship outside the USA.

I will include a ppm cable as well.

Payment via paypal friends/family, venmo, or the cash app.

That scares me :grimacing:

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F&F scares me too, when someone asks, and I really want the item, I offer to pay an additional 3% to cover paypal fees. Or at least split paypal fees


And if they turn THAT down… S.C.A.M.!!!

But this doesn’t sound like that, just like he doesn’t want to lose those couple bucks


Paypal will not protect you anyway in most cases. Paypal is good only at ebay. For web sites and personal sales sux. I talk by own experience. If you don’t trust a seller just do not buy.

I’m totally fine with regular PayPal payment, but I would ask that buyer covers the 2.9% fees associated with it.

I feel like 80 shipped conus is a good deal already and would like to recoup as much of that as I can.

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I just sent you a PM