[SOLD] (USA) Lacroix DSS60 and some accessories

Location: NYC

I bought it in December to commute to work on, but apparently my building has a “no skateboards in the elevators” policy. I bought the Trampa bag to carry it through the turnstiles which worked a few times before they wised up. If I can’t commute on it I won’t use it enough to keep it around, unfortunately (stupidly fun board otherwise).

For all items I’d prefer local pickup, but I will consider posting if necessary. I have the original boxes for most stuff.

Lacroix DSS60: $1900 firm. Ridden about 100-150 miles, about 10 half-charge cycles. Minor cosmetic scratches on the back of the motor mounts from standing the board up occasionally.

Ruroc RG1-DX Machine (Limited) Size M/L incl Lens Pack: $320 No scratches. Worn for two days snowboarding and about 10 rides. No scratches, no head impact on my one crash. Includes Ruroc crash replacement protection.

TSG DHP Knee Pads Size L: $40 Light scratches from low speed crash.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Seems like you need a new place to work!

That’s really crappy man. Good luck with the sale. This is a solid price for a solid board.


take the stairs :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside that’s super sad to hear. I would be complaining to management and what not that it’s a stupid rule to have. Ask for a downstairs locker or something. glwts

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57 floors :joy:

We’re in the world trade center so we’re only two floors out of something like 250 the management company has and we’ve had less luck pushing back against stupider rules. It is what it is I guess.


That’s understandable if it’s in the World Trade Center


Yeah, a skateboard causing a fire in the elevators of the WTC would be a very shitty day.


What about putting it in a large music instrument case? Or just motorizing an every day object like a breif case?


I appreciate the attempts to keep me riding, but it’s just not possible. I included the story so buyers understand it’s a legit sale reason and there’s nothing wrong with the board. The building policy is no skateboards, anything larger than a backpack goes in the xray machine, anything that doesn’t fit in the xray machine goes in the freight elevator. Freight takes anywhere from five mins to two hours to arrive. Last time I took it there was a woman with a backpack guitar bag smaller than my trampa bag.


Bump. This is still available.

I’m interested.

Bump. This is still available.

This is still available. Dropped prices: Board: $1900 Helmet: $320 Kneepads: $40 Bag: $50

How much to ship the bag to the UK?

Sorry, someone just beat you to it! Bag is sold pending payment.

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ill take the knee pads

Hi Roganartu,

Is the board still available ?

Yes it is.

Can you contact me with pm

[email protected]


Bag is sold.

Can’t edit the original anymore, but the knee pads are sold.