[SOLD] used vesc - $80

Selling my used vesc. I bought it for $100 from torqueboards but lots of people are saying its not reliable. This is my first build and dont want to fuck up anywhere, so I am selling this at a discounted price before it goes bad on me. So selling for $80 + shipping. Only used for about a couple of miles so NEARLY NEW VESC. I am from the US fyi.

There’s nothing wring with TB VESC’s, if you are worried don’t run FOC but I’ve got 2 boards with TB VESC’s that I run in FOC. Ones a single, the others a dual.


Only reason why people are saying it’s unreliable is because they overwork it outside it’s limits. There’s nothing wrong with them, used to and still am running one on my first build.

I would keep it. Just be sure to use it right, because they ARE reliable.


hmm okay i’ll try it out. although if someone does offer, i’ll sell it.

how much you charging for shipping…in the US… a flat rate small box, which i assume it would fit in, is $7.25… so were getting real close to the original price from TB… but im interested… PM if u are thx!

Hey is the Vesc still available?

How much is it with shipping to Canada?

This is sold. Sorry everybody