SOLD Vesc and various other items for sale EU

I´m selling a bunch of parts because I need the money for another project: TORQUE VESC just tested on the bench 60€ plus shipping

Turnigy/Hobbyking Motor Mount 5€ plus shipping Original Caliber Trucks 30€ plus shipping Original Kegel Wheels 20€ plus shipping If someone is interrested simply send a PM :smiley:

Are those calibers 50 or 44°?

PM sent. 10char

Everything sold execpt the vesc

did you rip the third phase wire off?

No its just an unfortunate photo :slight_smile:

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Greco needs some glasses

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ah I see now :blush:

nah, greco is just on vacation

my presence right now is a blessing :rofl:

I’m still crying on why how I didn’t get the kegels


Hi is vesc still available I’m in the uk

No sorry already sold