[SOLD] Vruzend Battery Kit V2.0 (x2) (US)

Hi folks!

Time to unload some of the impulse purchases I’ve made this year! I have two (2) Vruzend V2.0 battery kits for sale. Bought during their kickstarter, and haven’t even taken them out of the bag. I had this notion that I’d build my own badass battery, but I’ve since decided that I won’t fux with battery building and leave that to capable professionals. Anyway, on to the details…

Vruzend Battery Kit V2.0 (enough for 30 cells) includes:

  • 60 caps with nickel-plated copper alloy spring contacts
  • 60 nickel-plated copper alloy nuts
  • 90 nickel-plated pure copper bus bars
  • 4 nickel-plated copper alloy clamps
  • 4 zip ties Note: the V2.0 kit is rated at 20A continuous and 25A peak per cell 1ef567b2210cb43d628a4ffec4a5f6f2_original

More information: https://vruzend.com/product/vruzend-battery-kit-v2-0/

My sets (sry for potato quality): DSC_0415

Asking $35 for each kit or $65 for both, free shipping. Shipping CONUS only.

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It’s 33 on their website, can you do any better on price?

Well, technically $33.99 and they charge add’l shipping of $8.96 that scales up with quantity. I’m offering it for $35 flat or $65 for both, free shipping. @kylem21

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