(SOLD) Wheels and Pulleys

4x Wheels (hubs, inner tubes and tyres), plus 2x 60T pulleys. Also the bolts etc that you’d need to fit them.

Just bought these for a new build, and they’re really nice, the wheels seem like great quality and the hubs and pulleys are well machined. Unfortunately they don’t fit onto the trucks I am using, and so I’m having to look for another set of wheels. As long as your truck axles are long enough to support them (the hubs are 34mm in diameter) then this would be a great set of wheels for an AT build I reckon!

(Edit: Updated prices to include shipping costs)

£93 within the UK

£100 to anywhere else in the EU.

(This includes tracked delivery.)

If you’re outside the EU let me know, I’m happy to ship anywhere for site members that aren’t fresh accounts!)




I have these and they work great on TB 218mm trucks. GLWS!

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Too bad it’s in EU, these are a steal.

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Yeh I’m basically letting them go for cost, because returning them would end up being very expensive in shipping fees etc. So whoever gets these is getting a pretty good deal. Can’t really afford to make the loss I’m making on these, my build is going to suffer because of it unfortunately :frowning:

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Guessing from dickyho

See if you can get TB218 trucks for cheap. Then they will just work perfectly. I have already put > 750km on them and not much wear. The tires are also cheap when you want to buy replacements.


Would they work on caliber2 if yes I might go for them I am also in uk

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Tb218 are caliber 2 based!

e-caliber, but its not really wide enough

As in are their axles long enough to support them

The issue is axle length not truck shape and no

Would there be enough space on the axle for the wheel and the pulley

Once again, no. Only e-caliber trucks or TB 218mm

Is there anyway to put the wheel pulley on the truck using a specialised bearing

Tb218 are extra wide caliber 2 trucks that also have extended axles.


So I am guessing they would not work with my trucks

Is there anyway to lengthen the axle

Bruh, no. :rofl:


K will leave it then

Ok so I’m bumping this, as there seems to have been a couple dozen replies that went round and round in circles leading nowhere lol.

So in case there’s any confusion, these are still for sale.