(SOLD) WTS 6374 bkb motors 3DServisas fatboy 230 hangers

I’d like to sell these as a set Included will be 2-6374 190kv sensored Bkb motors with cut shaft to fit 3Dservisas mini gear drive 2- 3DServisas fatboy 230 hangers with titanium axles

Motors and hangers have seen a total of 150 gentle miles

Baseplates or gear drives not included

Asking $225 for everything Shipping included

Available for local pickup Located in San Jose ca

This is a good price should be sold in hours.

Post it on and u will se them fighting.

IAM in EU :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks for the advice brother. I will be posting on Esk8news next :metal:t3:

Jheeez would’ve jumped on this but Im low on guap :frowning:


Y u no sell gear drives?

Gear drives are long gone Sold them to my boy a while back

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…last time I checked boi was trying to tame them.:smile::wink: These Fatboys + motors should fly out the shelf thou.


You still got the Fatboys and motors?

I Paid for them last night

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