[SOLD]WTS Surfrodz RKP 200mm 80mm Axle Red + Bonus Press Fit

Turns out i don’t need one, never used, ready to ship. Retail price with 80mm axle is 179$USD. Since shipping from Indonesia will be costly, i’m asking for 150$ + Shipping, and free press fit mount (it’s a prototype and useable, it just not perfect for my setup) IMG_1030 IMG_8650

Very Interested! What is the purpose of the “Press Fits” ? Motor Mounts for these Surfrodz trucks?

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They are more precision and hold better than most of the clamp ones


If you are interested i can check the shipping cost to your country.

Yes. Very interested… Can you check shipping to the USA (right outside of Philadelphia, PA) with a zip code of 19462. Thanks.

still available?

Yup! Interested?