SOLD! Zippy FlightMax 5s (18.5 volts) 8000mah High Discharge Li-Po Battery - Brand New

I just got these LiPo batteries about 2 months ago and I threw away the packaging so I am unable to make a return :frowning:. I thought I would use the batteries for extra range, but I find that I never go farther than 15-20 miles which is about how far my current 2 x 5s 8000mah Zippy MaxFlight batteries hooked in series take me.

I am hoping to sell them for $70 each since I bought them originally for $74 each + $50 shipping since they shipped from the HobbyKing warehouse in Hong Kong. Shipping should be about $10 for anywhere within the United States.

If you want all 4 batteries, I will sell them for $250 or your best offer. Also, if you prefer not to use Ebay for whatever reason, just let me know! I can give you another 10% off since 10% is what Ebay charges as a seller’s fee.

IMG_1547.JPG IMG_1546.JPG IMG_1546.JPG Here are some pictures if anyone wants them. Also, the dimensions of the batteries are 6 3/4cm x 2 5/8cm x1 3/4cm (LxWxH).

The connectors on the batteries are 5.5mm gold plated bullet connectors.

Would you be willing to sell 2 for $130? I live in Las Vegas Nv.

What would my theoretical range be with 2 of these in series? VESC, 90mm wheels, single 6374 190kv, 16:36gear. Correction: I read you’re going about 15-20? Would that be the case for my setup?

How much do you weight?