Soldering 5.5mm connectors to 63mm motor

Before I start snipping, I want to make sure I’ve got this down. The motor has bannna connectors and the Ollin VESC has 5.5mm connectors.

I need to CUT the bannana connectors off the motor and solder on the 5.5mm connectors to connect the motor to the VESC.

Is this correct?

Also, which color goes to which part of the VESC. There isn’t a clear indication.

Remove the colored shrinkwrap from the motor connectors and then reaolder the new ines on. The order doesn’t matter. Once everything is set up of the motor turns the wrong way just change two motor wires around.

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It appears to be my motor, in that case 3 female 4mm connectors are included so it would be easier to desolder the connectors on the ESC and use the female ones provided.

Careful with soldering to motor wires. With some bldc motors especially the hobbyist ones we use, only some of the wire is not able to be soldered to. I made this mistake once when I cut the crappy cage style connectors from my hobbyking sk3. The bare copper wire they use is so hard to solder to, it doesn’t stick. I even tried covering it with flux and only then did it barely stick, more like dripped off the surface. Either desolder the old ones and solder back on new connectors, or solder to the flexible silicone insulated vesc wire.

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like @Lionkev55 said, remove the existing connectors with a soldering iron and replace with the new connectors. Will be less work and a neater job