Soldering cells with cold welding (Nural27)?

Hello, I tried to solder LiPo cells with the tipical method (soldering iron an tin) and is practically impossible to me, I saw this on internet

What do yiu think? maybe it works?


Regular solder doesn’t work.

Check out what I used on my thread called “how I made my lipo packs slimmer”

It’s aluminum solder that comes on a green spool. It works like a charm as long as you have at least a 60watt iron

Also I don’t think that epoxy is very conductive

Soldadura en frío is just an expression, is just epoxi glue. For sure It will not work.

Many thanks for the explanation @barajabali and @Surfer , I had read all the topics related to this on this forum (also yours @barajabali , It was very helpful to me and searching that solder paste the epoxi appeared and I tought that that was the paste but it seems that not) Do you know any supplier in europe or spain? This roll it has a grease or flux to solder better the alu,( is just regular flux) The point is in one of the poles of the battery is easy to solder because is nickel but the another one is kind of aluminium and is a lot more dificult to solder with tin. Just like always try to use some sandpaper to scrach the surface and clean it, also you can use “amoniaco” if you have, i did with 80w solder. Try to use a strong enough solder because it sould be done fast to avoid the battery gets hot. Disculpa que mi ingles es un desastre. Suerte!!

I’ve heard of people using JandB weld to HOLD connections and it works. it’s conductive but not that conductive as to be the sole connection. someone glued their copper connections with it. this stuff is likely similar

Hello @Surfer mi idioma principal es el Español osea que no te preocupes por el inglés, el mío no es para nada excelente tampoco xD He visto tu enlace y parece el estaño correcto pero 56€ se me va de precio, tenia pensado acercarme a alguna tienda de electronica en Madrid y a ver si tienen pasta para soldar aluminio y estaño que no sobrepase los 15/20€ tienes alguna tienda predilecta en España?

Hello @Hummie thanks for your comment, This is my first battery build so I’m gonna make a maybe really stupid question, Does the battery connectos get hot? If not, what about sticking it with hot glue or a ny other system without soldering?

You guys are playing with fire trying to replace proper spot welding or solder with glue or other adhesives.

Do it properly.

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What about using liquid silver @Blasto ? The problem Is that I’m noob related to soldering and I cant solder it properly, what type of tin do you recommend?

Just Google “sleds” or go look on keystone / digikey for 18650 battery holders with spring clips. That will do