Soldering cells

Due to a recent increase in diyers making their own battery packs i thought it was time to start a thread on what are the ideal tools for soldering a pack and also When it comes to how you join the cells why not use copper wire vs nickel considering copper is the most conductive.

I use copper because its the easiest to solder.

what kind of wire is it

I used just multi strand copper wire. maybe it was 10 gauge? nothing fancy.

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still holding up nicely? what watt iron did u use

it was a weller station, I forget the model… it was a good one. 5mm tip and a lot of heat close to 400c the packs will explode long before my soldering comes undone.

whoa shit looks like i need an upgrade

not this exact one but very similar model

Does the wire hold up nicely?

ima just forget you asked that…

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Damn that’s a lot of heat! I’m gonna need a bigger boat

Are we talking about lipos or liIons?

I too soldered my cells. I made sure to rough up each terminal with sandpaper, followed by Flux, then I used solid Guage wire.


I read tinned braided copper wire is easy to work with for soldering 18650s I might try that

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I don’t solder my cells. I spot weld them because despite using incredible amounts of heat in extremely short bursts, it actually keeps the cells cooler than soldering would, especially if you only do one tack at a time per cell and make multiple passes across multiple cells to get the multiple tacks per cell in place. It’s also hella quicker.

But spot welding (and investing in a spot welder) is really only practical if you plan on making packs all the time, so this is a great thread to have. And for mechanical stress, soldering is likely a much stronger bond. Your pack should never see that kind of mechanical stress though. They shouldn’t see any at all really. They should be packed snugly in a box all cozy.

also soldering on nickel strips is an utter dream when it comes to adding in the balance and mains leads. i use a 75 watt iron.


thanks I feel like u probably have the best answer so far

today i did my first solder and damn! this shit is like titanium with the right solder and flux im pulling hard and it hasnt moved a bit.

Back in my RC 1/10th scale Car racing days, I would solder Nicad cells together with gold plated bars that I got at the local hobby store. I used a Weller 300 watt pistol grip soldering gun. It worked very well.

my dad had one of those. I haven’t seen one in a long while. Good to know they’re still around.

got a 100W soldering iron, been spending some time yesterday enforcing 8mm nickel strips with AWG10. Kinda works, just takes lots of time and lots of solder. Just finished half the pieces I need.

Might pass by the warehouse tonight and buy some copper welding rods to use instead though, they are 2x2mm pure copper, hope they are able to handle 60A, but besides they would be much more effortless to use.

Those copper welding rods work fine, I used them yesterday to solder a 10s/3p pack. They also increase stability.