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Soldering Tips and Tricks

share em if you got em

Flux. You can never have too much

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Helping hands and maybe a jig.

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never buy guns only irons.
37/63 is best, eutectic zone
flux, flux all the things
clean your joints with iso afterwards.

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High wattage soldering guns like a Weller 300 watt, work great for soldering heavy gauge wire and connectors.
A Butane torch works really well for soldering bullet connectors.
Temperature controlled soldering stations are best for circuits and small gauge wiring.
Simple soldering irons that plug straight into the wall socket are a waste of money because they tend to overheat and burn up there tips.
You can use extra flux but I have found it to be messy and unnecesary since there is adequate flux inside the solder core, just tin the end of the wire with solder before putting the connector on.
Brass wool works best for cleaning the tip but a wet sponge will work also. I used only a wet sponge for many years before getting the brass wool. And always clean the soldering tip before and after every solder joint.

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60/40 is harder then 63/37.

60/40 has no eutectic zone so it goes from liquid to glue to solid making it easier to get shitty joints due to small movements.
63/37 has a eutectic zone so it goes from liquid to solid with no “soft zone”

also at the end of soldering coat you iron in solder, it stops oxidation and lets you tip last longer.


I’ve never had a problem with 60/40 but I’m careful to not move the joint until it sets. I just like it because it melts quickly and flows well.
I have not used 63/37 but it sounds like it would be worth trying.

kapton tape for smd soldering
don’t use too much heat or small parts will float out of place :disappointed_relieved:

use a lot of flux

scuff the surface of stubborn materials that solder won’t stick to

try not to touch plastic; it smells terrible when it burns

On your recommendation, I am going to order some 63/37 and give it a try.

Me too!

What does these numbers mean?

Ok not sure if this belongs here but…has anyone tried this spot welding trick or hack


It doesn’t have a pulse. I guess it would work though.

I am looking at two solution - I have purchased all the components to build a whitepony spotwelder clone - waiting on charger for 24V car battery from ali express.

Also have a pcb being sent my way to build an instructables Ardruino based spot welder.

By the way…will post photos and video of the C grip gimbal I built - the thing is awesome. I´m going to incorperate it into my technology classes and am writting up a step by step guide - noticed it in your parts

I am building the arduino spot welder by KaeptnBalu. Maybe I will sell a few if I can solder it successfully. Waiting on .46 mm solder from China.

63% Tin and 37% Lead

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Thank you!