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Solid 25mph+ build

Hi guys,

What would be a solid reliable build for going 25mph?

Are two 4s 5200 mah lumenier lipos good enough or should i go 10 or maybe 12s?

Can I do it on one hub motor or do I need two?

Vesc or car esc?

voltage alone does not give any indication - it is the gearing that also determines the top speed.

I’m getting 15 and 36 tooth 16mm wide HTD aluminum pulleys soon from china.

And an enertion 36 tooth 12mm wide from enertion in australia.

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then why are you asking about hub motors?
Also with the gearing you can calculate the speed yourself in one of the numerous calculators.
Car ESCs with more than 6S are also hard to find.

The Gear Speed app comes pretty close to real world stats of theoretical top speed - mileage will vary depending on rider weight, parts weight, etc. but it’s handy. Just divide the calculated top speed by about 2 to simulate your board under load.

OOhh…Where did you get those pulleys? Got a link, please!? :grinning:

Here you go man:

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I’m also curious how you are going to use 2 sets of pulleys with 1 single hubmotor? Sounds brilliant! Teaming up with @lever? 15/36 gearing @8s on 80mm wheels will hit a solid 25mph.

Naw man haha. I was looking into hub motors since I really like the simplicity. I already had ordered the pulleys for my first project which was modding a yuneec but I fried the motor. So to clarify im not using pulleys on a hub motor.:grin:

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In order to hit even near that speed I went with 17:36 gearing and 90mm wheels, 245kv, 6s. But anything over 20mph starts to feel really fast for me.

I think I may end up buying dyi’s v4 mount with the 63mm motor and a vesc. That should be able to propel me 24mph assuming a 16/36 ratio and 70% efficiency.

According to the website posted earlyer, and 97mm flywheel clones.

I found that calculator very accurate, but I find the efficency is closer to 100%
70 is way too conservative.
And I’m a big guy 6’2", 220lbs

Very true…we aren’t 70% load all the time…especially on flats…so seeing the top speeds isn’t difficult

If that is the case then DIY torqueboards build should be more than enough for 25mph.

I also want a vesc but i think the 6355 motor from torqueboards will fry it.

You’ll be fine mate

I’m running that motor on VESC and its fine
10s no problem
12s I use FOC (which peeks out at 61000 ERPM) or use BLDC and set the ERPM limit to 60000

25 is pretty fast … Have to have a good setup and nice pavement…something abt 20mph + that can make the wheels skitter and the board starts to feel non-connected to the ground

Edit: again depends on set up…from my experience…boards (bad kind of) vibrate at different speeds…guess it’s the size. composition and truck distance …oh and stance