Solid Aluminum Pulleys

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share the some pics of some pulleys I made last summer. These are 30T and cut out of a gear blank from a gear blank from SPD/SI. At the time, it was my first build and I decided to find a wheel that would be easy to mate to the gear. I chose the Zombie Hawgs which turned out to be made by a local company here in Vancouver BC. I think they are owned by Landyachtz.

30T Gear Blank

The completed gear after being machined on the lathe.

The wheels after a thrashing summer of testing

To me its a no brainier. Solid Aluminum VS plastic. I will admit that quality is more of a priority in my shop vs cost. We typically want to do things the best way possible. What do you guys think? How has thew 3D printed stuff lasted?

Long story short, that is what I’ve done and here is where I’m headed. I am building REV2 of my board and I have a 38T gear blank here that I want to make gears for Abec11 flywheels 97s or 107s (I cant find 107s). This chunk of aluminum is a monster.

The gear for the flywheels will be so much more complicated in comparison to the Zombie Hawgs but I need the diameter for the hill crushing commuters i’m building.

I am thinking about milling the gears in one or two pieces on the lathe/mill. I should have that done in a couple weeks. The wheels come any day.

The Monster


Look at torqueboards(DIYes) pulley, its super simple, pretty much like what you have now. Im using that with flywheels and now with mbs all-terrain and it works like a charm.


How many gears can you make from that stock?

I figure I can get about 8 out of the stock if I make them one piece or about 20 if I make them out of two pieces. A geared slice and a hub connecting cone if you will.

A great example from Thingiverse

The thing is that the part that protrudes into the wheel would be a waste of the gear stock. The actual geared component make up only about a 3rd of the length.

There is something about having it one piece that appeals to me though.

Cool. Yeah I looked at that. I was unsure of how the gear seated in the wheel. My gear has a fitted register so it mates with the wheel perfectly.

I remember asking Torgueboards about how it mated as I was looking for precision and didn’t get any conclusive details back. I’m trying to make something precision so it rolls super silky with no tight spots.


I have a CNC one piece file for the Kegel that should meet your smooth mating requirements. I can send you the file if you wanted to give that a try. It’s 36T, 9mm but I can adjust it to 12 or 15.

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Well, it self aligns with the bolts, mine runs VERY true.

I’d love to check you file out. Can you send it to me? Maybe post as link?

Yeah I’ll set that up on thingiverse and post the link here.

This could save you some time. Just came across this on ebay.

Appears to be the DIY pulley in the link posted above, only cheaper I think.

He’s got a chunk of pulley blank… why would he go and buy a pulley?

Yeah I should mention I’m going wider about 18-20mm to accommodate a 15mm belt. In Vancouver here we have hills and chunky roads. I’m a bigger guy. I need stronger brakes, motors everything.

The worst feeling I’ve ever had on my board is going down hill any my VESCs overload and release the brakes, or the belt skips. That’s why the over spec.

I got the ABEC11 97mm wheels today. These are really massive.

Here is how the gear sizes up. Lots of clearance in comparison to my first board. I think I will go two piece so the mating core can be changed with the gear if needed. Big gear, even bigger wheel.

Nice! Im im vancouver too, i can bring my board if you wanna checl the pulley out.

Metroboard’s ABEC11 pulley is a very nice solution. It’s one piece of solid aluminum and is a friction fit in the spokes of ABEC11 wheels (the inside is somewhat like the 3d-printable pulley above).

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Wow. Yeah that’s so close to what I am thinking. You need a custom truck hanger or the wheel will stick out with this config. See where the bearing is seated?

I like the idea though. Maybe I need to machine a custom truck hanger now. :slight_smile:

One step forward two steps back.

Cool. Come by our shop anytime.

Just give me the heads up and I will make sure I’m around.

It’s pretty easy to modify a stock truck hanger; just machine 16 mm of aluminum off the end of the hanger, exposing more steel axle.

Will do, what times are you guys around?

Consistently 10-4 but literally all the time. #mancave

Seriously Steve. I think you are onto something.

Here is a setup on my lathe I did to make the truck concentric spot for my motor mount to clamp to. I could easily take the aluminum back a bit.

Great suggestion.

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