Solid state batteries

Has anyone used this on an e-skateboard or is there not enough juice in these solid state batteries?

Straight off the bat they are not as energy dense. Quite a way off a 30Q as an example.

What is the energy density on these LCB cells?

He’s done a chart in that video

It’s crude but at least he measured up against commercial offerings. I read about these a few days ago as well but can’t find the article now.

Some start up electric car companies claim they will launch with solid state batteries. It can’t be much longer until there are solid state batteries applied to electric skateboards.

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I’ve been looking into a flexible solid state battery for a board and I came across Prologium, the BLCB cells allow you to wire in series and parallel within one cell up to 60v at the requested dimensions. This means you could potentially have a flexible 10s5p in a single thin flexible unit with no need for wiring or BMS that you could press into a deck.

Here are some links on the tech, hit me with thoughts. I’ve emailed them and requested a sample.

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All I know is that solid state batteries are expensive as fuck atm. Simply cause they’re way too hard to massproduce in a cheap way… maybe in a few years when its all figured out. But now I’d say that its far from worth it.

I’d be interested to hear how you get on. Stuff some of this goodnesses into the P1…