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The Firefly’s has nice tech conveniences and the OLED screen looks nice, but these type of remotes have functional disadvantages:

  • Limited action: The thumb is a short finger and has limited action, while the index finder is much longer with has a lot more range. This greatly affects control from 0-100% throttle. This is where the GT2B and GT2B mods like the MasterCho remote excel. You can hold the throttle at 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, etc. Likewise with the brake.
  • Poor Replaceability: Remotes break. You’ll land on them, throw them around. Step on them. And you don’t want to do that with a remote that takes hours to build with dozens of specially ordered parts. The GT2B is mass produced (in a good way) which is convenient for replacing parts. It’s also tried and true, having been used by the hobby community and ESK8 community since early beginnings.
  • Un-ergonomic shape: It’s slim shape looks nice but in your hand it will feel like a chocolate bar. When you’re riding near traffic, crossing roads, etc, you want your remote to be securely anchored in your hand so you can brake quickly (in emergencies) and accelerate rapidly at will. The MasterCho has several contours that you can anchor your hand on in various ways. You can ride for hours without getting tired. But a small remote will make your hand cramp.

P.S. I categorically have ‘small hands’, actually classed as size ‘small’ in men’s glove sizing. My hand is span is ~21.5cm from pinky to thumb tip. Most Australians and Westerners will have the same of larger hands.

To compensate for the OLED screen, I can integrate a voltmeter or colometer into the board itself, either on the surface of the deck (readable while riding - a luxurious convenience), or underneath facing the road (readable whenever you stop to look). There are also LCD screens that can display more info, but I’ll have to look into them.

PNot agree with the last point. The remote is similar to the Boosted remote and feels very nice in your hands. I recon it’s one of the best remotes out there! I would love to have the photon remote in a nicer package.

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To be fair :

That all depends on what you print in. If someone where to decide to mass produce the remote in a quality material then it shouldn’t be a problem. And even if it was a cheap material , as long as it’s the housing that breaks, it can be printed locally again. This would be a nine issue if someone where to mass produce it. It’s one of those situations where we actually want China to ripoff.

It’s not very slim actually. Comparing it to the remote it’s based on , the B.B. Remote V2, it’s thicker , and a Lanyard can satisfy the anchor issue. Printing or manufacturing is a stronger material should solve any problem if it comes to needing more weight inones hand. Also there’s a longer version of the remote already made. As well as a trigger version also

I agree that the Firefly has its shortcomings (the lack of a Multipurpose button being one) but it arguably has a better aesthetic Then the G2b (cause let’s be real that remote is ugly as hell). Rather than dismiss it , I think it would be more fruitful to look at it and see what can be improved , and contribute towards it full fruition.

It amazes me that there’s so many open projects that vendors have the ability to produce for sale and yet very little accessorie projects are out there.


How funny. There may be a taste / age difference coming through here.:face_with_monocle:

Yes, the Firefly has many merits that are worth considering for sure. I should have emphasised that more. :slight_smile:

In defence of the MasterCho GT2B remote (as a legacy forumite and pioneer, @MasterCho has earned much praise - the remote is a classic favourite). Design-wise, his remote actually anchors into your grip, within your hand. It’s hard to explain, but it can be grabbed in the chubby middle part (where the battery is), or a bit higher. And your thumb can latch onto a ledge (which is what thumbs do, clutch objects - Thumbed remotes sacrifice this, if you hit an obstacle, be prepared to lose your remote). You can also wrap your hand around the side, at an angle. Or hold it over the top and use your ring finger to trigger. And there are a few ledges to rest your thumb and fingers for more grip. You can even turn it around and use a thumb action. I’ll have to post photos to do it justice. It’s admitted an unusual aesthetic (pragmatic) but it’s a bit like _rock climbing ledges. It just works! – A lanyard cannot satisfy these.

I appreciate this because I skated for 2 months one-handed with a semi-broken arm. I clutched the GT2B inside the sling (during the Winter cold). And it is sooo comfortable.

Fatigue management is important when you’re riding for long periods and the weather wears you out. Mitigating RSI and fatigue requires your hand to change positions, to switch it up every now and them. The MasterCho G2TB allows that with it’s unique ergonomics. – I’ve noticed the design is also ambidextrous, which is helpful for lefties. Understandably, ergonomics would be little noticed on a short board.

There’s no delay in the switch. A simple feature and immediate on/off switch. Perfect for picking up your board to catch a bus or cross a road without risk of a stray motor tearing a finger off.

Hmm, agreed. Printing would be the disadvantage of both remotes. Both are DIY-esque and require assembly, sanding, fine tuning, etc. I agree that a mass produced mini remote would be better suited for replaceability in case of that. But also involvement in general. Accessories are perishable. They break. And when it breaks, do you really want to build one again? The GT2B will practically never break. And if something does give it will take less than 2 weeks to replace. It’s also cheap enough that you can buy two remotes. But the Firefly needs a bit more work, a bit more money, and more involvement.

In either case, remotes are clearly very personal preferences. Horses for courses. If there’s enough demand I’ll consider building the Firefly. I know good 3D printers who will produce top quality cases. But it won’t be cheap… And I’m not sure about ‘mass producing’ it. But we’ll see.

Also, riding style needs to be factored in. How do you ride? For me, I’m mostly thrashing it down straights, carving, and weaving past obstacles. I don’t cruise. So a ‘multi-purpose button’ is very low on the list, along with remote aesthetics, and riding ‘modes’ or settings. I need guaranteed power delivery, right now, without skips, beeps, flashing lights, changing modes, etc. If I fall, it will be at 20-40kph and it will be messy. The remote must handle a huge beating. For me, the ideal remote would be bionic. And the moment I step off the board I can turn it off ASAP and stuff it in a backpack, or the console container in my car, or velcro mounted to the board. It’s function over form for me…

But remotes are personal… :slight_smile:

Let me know! How do you describe your riding style? And what are you looking for in a remote?

An extra button on the remote would be nice to have especially on night rides to switch the lights ON / OFF, and to not draw extra attention to the police. I like having lights on a n8 ride when I’m flying at 30-40 km/hr or more through the city and the police is a real problem handing out heavy fines to individuals.

MkI in Black Smoke Fibreglass





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In case the 3 colours choices are too limited for you.

Here’s more colours… :smile:

Japan Black is the favourite by far, but personally I’d like to have BOTH black AND brown together… maybe natural too…

I can visualise a really nice effect with black fibreglass enclosures on wood. Also, I could do special woodgrain inlays into the fibreglass… or carbon inlays into wood, etc.


  • Black
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Sea Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Wheat
  • Orange
  • Natural
  • Burgundy

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For those wondering about material performance with carbon vs fibreglass vs carbon kevlar, or metals, watch these videos for a side-by-side comparison.

This video demonstrates the merits of carbon (4.5mm carbon plate - My samples are ~2mm) and metals like chromoly, mild steel, and alloy as a stiff structural material.

This video also demonstrates the merits of carbon (super thick 20-25mm or 1" plate) under compression, and it’s brittleness too. It crumbles into smithereens as anyone who’s crashed a carbon board will tell.

Fibreglass, kevlar, and foam core sandwiches are all good, depending on your goal and preference.

Though for me, what I find surprisingly is the performance of mild steel and alloy (comparable to carbon), which would be worth incorporating into a future design.


Mounting Hardware

You’ll get one set per module for FREE, with enough strip for the module.

Neoprene is fine, but this stuff is cushier, more flexible, and easier to apply. Just peel and stick. The screw holes also fit neatly into the v-channel.








What’s included?

  • Low-profile weatherstrip (2mm thick) with adhesive backing for an invisible look
  • 4x weather resistant 304 stainless steel screws (M3, cross head)
  • 4x 304 stainless steel washers (M3)(optional)
  • 4x plastic washers (optional extra) used on motorcycle fairings to prevent cracking from vibration
  • 4x Helicoil threaded inserts (optional extra) for extra reinforcement in-deck. Drill and epoxy glued into the deck.

What’s not included?

  • M3 drill bit
  • 1-2mm pilot hole drill bit

[As an optional upgrade: For $1-2 per insert you can upgrade to heavy duty stainless threaded inserts. These are commercial quality inserts with wider threads that screw super securely into the deck. They look amazing with a blind flush finish and will last almost forever. You then also have the choice to Loctite the screws in afterwards.]


Members and regulars, despite the arguments and insults that were said on both sides in this thread, we must remember that is is a sales thread: hence, if you have an issue with the price or the vendor, it is up to you to not buy the product. I’ve deleted all posts within the last 24 hours, take no offense if yours was on topic - it was simply easier to clean it all up at once. Please keep in mind that there will be buyers, and it is not fair to them or the vendor if a thread is crouded with off-topic messages or complaints about the price. Besides that, let’s keep this forum a positive place! If you have only negative things to say - move on and find a thread where it’s easy to compliment. Thanks!


So the samples that i recived Where really good quality material

Could you post some pics please?

I’m in mexico I get back to us this week

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I am just happy to see the Ban on futuristic Armadillo enclosures lifted.