[SOLVED] 2x Motor Detection failed after Update

I’m slowly but surely losing my mind over this whole DIY thing.

SOLVED ! I used the 1.08 VESC tool and flashed the latest Firmware 3.54 and the problem was resolved. Setup works again. So wait until 3.56 comes out if you have this problem.

So i have 2 Vescs HW 4.10 with Firmware 3.54 (Just updates to 3.55) and right after the update my VESC started blinking red 16x before pausing for 2 seconds and continuing.

I noticed it after the Motor detection failed with the message : bad detection result received.

The Motor didn’t even spin.

I checked all wires. Phase wires are insolated and plugged in correct.

Problem is with both VESCS.Unbenannt

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Anyone? I can’t find the 3.54 Firmware on his github.