[SOLVED] APS ESC start power

Hello there, I programmed my ESC (http://alienpowersystem.com/shop/esc/alien-120a-2-7s-ev-mini-esc-bec/) for my budget board and wondered what the “start power - CAR” setting means. I had it at 5% and the motor wobbled a bit at the start, but it was fine whilst driving. The thing that made me change the setting was the motor for taking too long to start. It needed about 3 minutes before I got any response from it. After I set the setting to “Auto” or “50%” the motor responded after no time (5 seconds), but accelerated harder, which is not good for me. Does anyone know what this setting really does? Thanks

The setting let you choose how “strong” the minimum speed is. Like how fast it shall go when you give it a little power.

It says itself. Start Power. How much power you want the ESC to give the motor on the first value of going foward

Yeah I got that. But why does the motor need longer to respond on lower start power? As I said if I pulled the trigger on my remote nothing happened, only after like 3mins the motor spun. On Auto/100% start power the motor spun directly after I pulled the trigger for the first time.

Maybe it is so low that the motor doesnt spin?

The motor spins fine after the 3mins of nothing…

UPDATE: I can’t tell why the motor hasn’t spun, but now I put the start power on “Auto” and it works fine. Acceleration is smooth and so on.

I have this problem of having to wait before the ESC does anything. How have you fixed this and what settings are you using?

@Davey What firmware are you running? I am now completely lost with this esc…

Hey @Tijmen, I use the SkLv_UV47 or CARLV_UV45, I don’t know exactly wich one. But i guess the SkLv one. What problems are you having? Have you flashed your esc already? Which ESC are you using? And yes I also have to wait sometimes for the ESC to get started when turning my board on. Like 30-60s but then everything works.

Managed to get it to work. Installed some car firmware to it. The brakes are kinda weird though now. When I accelerate, then release throttle to neutral, and then accelerate hard again, the motor tries to stop for a millisecond because it turns the brakes on. When I turn braking to 0% this doesn’t happen…