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[Solved] Best motor for my build?

I’m on the hunt for a new motor, selling my Tacon/not using it since I heard there may be problems with the VESC and battery.

My build as of now consists of:

Custom 40x11 deck (flat, but I plan to make another with concave next time):


Enertion VESC and motor mount

Orangatang In Heat wheels

10s4p 18650 batteries

And probably a bunch of other parts that I forgot to mention, really tired right now.

I was told I needed a lower kv motor, like 190kv or something.

I wanna go decently fast, not really super quick though, 20mph, something around there,

I don’t want to spend more than $150 AUD, so around $110 USD. I live in Australia, so keep that in mind when looking at prices.

Weren’t you going to go with the Enertion rspec? I’d imagine it’d be the best choice for you given lower shipping rates.

Yeah, but I’ve spoken to a few people saying there are cheaper alternatives that give just as much as the Rspec does. The Rspec costs me $200, which is a lot, especially as a student.

A lot of people recommend the Turnigy Sk3 motors, but they’re rarely in stock.

Shipping is a pretty penny from NM to Aus :stuck_out_tongue: It’d probably cost as much as an R-Spec

Oooh, I really dig that black design, and the sleeved cables. Has anyone tried them? If so what’s the general consensus? I eyed them a while back.

Holy moly, it costs $60, just as much as the motor costs to ship it to my country. Damn, real big shame, really like the look it has. Yeah, just converted, it costs $220 all up.

Edit: Actually, I thought R-SPEC was only 209, but it’s 220 as well, so same price. Question is, which one should I go for? As far as I’m aware too, shipping isn’t free for Enertions either, so it’d actually cost me $230-240 for R-SPEC…

Keep it close to home

R-spec should make you happy

Okay, sweet, thanks guys!