[Solved] BLDC Hall Sensor Detected but not working?

I’m scratching my head now. in BLDC, I tried to use Hall sensor. It detects but only jitter when tried to use the motor in at any amp/voltag/ throttle. Just Jitter. Anyone knows why? If I turn off Sensor Mode it works tho

right now values are 255, 6, 4, 5, 2, 1, 3, 255 there are only 6 wire so it is doing right. in the tap it show 225 as 6.

Only possibility I can think of is the extention I made. But even the sensor made in factory jitters could it be the wire prob?

Thanks for the help

NvM: I got it. it was Vesc tool error, it was set to -1 6 4 5 2 1 3 -1 I manually changed -1 to 6 now it works

Maybe this the problem I’m having with my Hall Sensor. I run motor dectection with the hall sensors and the motor spins fine dectects and everything. Once everything done, I pull my throttle and the motors don’t spin at all. Wonder what the issue could be could be

Yeap try that

I don’t know how to calculate the settings manual for hall sensors

when u do the detection, the tool will show the values. take that and put into sensor tap and write the setting. and make sure u running the hybrid.

You would first select hybrid mode on the bldc setting manual before motor detecting ?

well it doen’t matter but thats what i did

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Awesome. Whenever get the chance I’ll do that. Thanks for the topic

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Hey dude. How did you change these values?