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Solved! Braking issue with fully charged battery

The VESC is reseting itself when I’m on 100% charged battery and I brake, regenerative braking puts curebt into the battery but as it’s already fully charged VESC cuts off.

Whenever the battery is 100% charged, your brakes won’t work because of regenerative breaking. It’s basically the motor feeding power back into he battery. If the batt is full, no place for the power to go. Try running your board down to 98% before breaking.

That’s what I’m currently doing but this solution is just a bandaid. I don’t think people would be at the side of the board waiting to be 98% and unplug it afterwards.

How are do all eboards brands have a work around this?

The only solution is limiting the charge. It can be done electronically so you don’t have to, but when it comes to regen brakes, it’s what it is.

In order to. Limit the charge at 98% o guess you should use a specific custom charger, I’m I right?

Cant you set your charger to charge to 4.1V/cell instead of 4.2V

No, I just have a regular brick similar than the Evolve Charger.

Open it up! I think @whitepony has that charger and said there’s a pot inside you can adjust

nope, not in the evolve charger!

I know it’s been done, but I’m not exactly sure of the details. I deal with it by running my motor on my way out the door if I’m at 100%. Then brake gently for the first minute or so of my ride. At what percentage does your board start working properly?

I didn’t read through the entire thread but I thought I’d mention that this happens with my board too. I have dual vescs and DIY’s 10s4p pack. However it’s only when the battery is right at 100% on my board. After riding for just 1 minute or so I can brake just fine. I have always just chalked it up to the vescs making sure my pack doesn’t get over charge with regen braking. I just keep it in mind when I take the board out after fully charging it and I’ve had no scary situations.

What setting you have on max amp regen?

Motor Max 60A
Motor Min -60A
Batt Max 30A
Batt Min -12A

Are those settings for a single or dual ?



You need to apply this wiring to fix the issue

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Fascinating! thanks for posting your conclusions

I read hours and its very helpful. My decision is to keep the electronic simple at my board and bought a fancy Turingy Balance charger( charging outside of my board).

Question: since i have a balance charger i decided not to have a BMS between my Lipos ( 2 X 5S 40C 5000mAh in series), so I go directly through a spark safety switch into my motor controller ( waiting for the Focbox unit) During braking and down hill there is current going back to my Lipos - does this damage my Lipos ? Do I need a BMS in between? or can I choose special settings with the BLDC-tool. Or this back flowing current is not critical?

Wonder if you can help? My 18m old Onan X2 suffered a board shutdown during downhill braking (probably with a full battery). The board is now completely unresponsive. Swapping in the spare battery makes no difference. Is there a simple reboot fix for this or have I done some serious damage? What next? Thanks!


I am a novice to electronics! I have been told the board dying under braking might be ESC or BMS problem? Which is more likely? Which should I investigate first? Thanks in advance!