[SOLVED] How to put 4 batteries in series?

Hello guys, for my 12s build I was wondering how to put 4x3s batteries in series. I have 2 ideas :

Is there another and good way to do it ? There will be an anti-spark on my ESC from ollin, but do I need another one for safety somewhere in particular ? I’ll be using 3s 5Ah 20/30C batteries, do I need, XT90 somewhere else than for the VESC connection ?

Thanks for reading, any advice is helping

the 2 harnessses option would make your life easier when it comes to charging your 12S since theres no 12s charger on the market and if theres they are really hard to get and expensive i did the same thing that u did on your second drawing so 2 3S batteries in series connected in for a 6s on one side with a harness conecting these 2 3s and i mounted the end of this harness to my enclosure on one side and repeat the same thing on the other side, so you should have 2 6S, im trying toupload a picture of my set up but is says pic is too big

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There you go, so basically i connected the leads of my first pack to an xt90 that i have mounted on my enclosure i did the same thing with the balance leads, so i can charge them from outside, the in that drawing it shows the vesc but it goes actually to the anti spark on/off switch first and then to the vesc. If u need help or dont understand my drawing let me know


@Pablo_702 Perfect dude, it really helped me so I will go with the dual harness montage. Also I said XT60 on the first harness and XT90 for the second but I think I’ll go full XT90.

Yes i would go xt90 and then the port that goes to your anti spark switch i would use an xt90s i know you alredy have an anti spark switch but i wont hurt and xt90s are not that much expensive than regular xt90


Here are some pics so you can see what it looks like

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Thanks again for your tips mate

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What was your parts list for the wiring?

Don’t really know, something like 10AWG wire and XT60 or XT90 connectors, as you want

What was the wiring list that you used?