[Solved] Problem VESC can't be flashed and shortcut

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to flash my empty VESC in SWD mode but ST Link utility couldn’t find the target. It appeared that the ST Link wasn’t powering the board. So I decided to add an external +5v supply but the power supply locked itself because of shortcut :confused:

If I test with a multimeter the resistance betweeen GND and +5v I first have continuity (0 ohms) and then the resistance raise up to 14.23kOhms in 2-3s.

I guess it’s not a normal behavior, but unfortunatly I don’t know where to search the solution. Would you have any idea of what to check ? And do you know why the SWD wirering seems to not power the board ? (the 3v line is not shor cutted).

Here some pictures:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

[UPDATE] The board consumes 2A when I power it with the 3v, and after a new check there is also a short with gnd of about 17k :’(

Solved: the diode bottom left of the first pic was soldered the wrong way. Managed to upload the code but still needed to use external 3v supply (?)

Did you solder this vesc yourself? If so, how did you connect the ground pad of the DRV chip?

The DRV chip brings the battery voltage down to 5V. U2 - TC2117 brings the voltage down to 3.3V for the logic.

If you apply 15V to the battery terminals what is the current consumption? What are the voltages on the 5V and 3.3V rails?

Yes I soldered it myself. I used a “soufflette” in french, a tool which blow hot air. I first added some tin on both the pcb and the TC2117, then I placed the part and soldered the 4 angle pins. Finally I used the “soufflette” to melt the tin under it. I’m not 100% sure it worked, but I couldn’t do other way…

I’ll try to test is this afternoon with the motor, I’ll tell you if it works :wink:

Hi guys !

new update, I’ve almost finished my vesc. Today I soldered the caps and tried the board on +15v lab power supply. However it locked itself (due to high amp consumption) and I saw some smoke coming from the board…

When I power it up with 5v, everything is ok. But if I increase the voltage the current consumption raise up immediatly.

The 3v3 regulator works fine but it seems that the 5v line if shorted with the Vbattery.

I checked the circuit on kicad and I saw that the mosfet driver was driving the 5v. Knowing that I did soldered D5 in the wrong way the first time and for some time the board has consumed 2 amps, do you think the mosfet driver is dead ? :frowning:

If you need more info just let me know :slight_smile:


[Édit] Here some data from bldc tool, strange values. Also the chip and MOSFET get quite hot…

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