[SOLVED] Raptor Riders Club



Hi guys.

As some of you may now the electric-skateboard.club website has been gone for the past week. It was mainly a raptor 2 owner’s website where we shared our experience, board issues, frustration, and had direct communication with @CarlCollins @barajabali and others.

In the comments of this Instagram post, enertion is letting us now that they could get the website back up but they’re not doing it (as of now). The reasons are unknown but my guess is because they’re thinking: no website, no complains. When it’s actually quite the opposite.

So for now, we’re hosting temporarily the “Raptor Riders Club” here until the website is back up. You don’t silence an entire community that is helpful to each other just for “reasons”.

Because of that “Club” thread, I’m sure tons of of accidents and worse have been avoided thanks to the help of other riders letting us now various issues and how to deal with them on the Raptor 2. @CarlCollins and @barajabali have helped us times and times again with our issues, with our frustrations over a year and a half of delays, and I believe enertion would be in a worse place image wise if it wasn’t for those two, paying attention to all our issues and complaints in the most professional manner, on this forum.

It was also filled with important resources about said issues, accessories, replacement screws, riding tips, maintenance, and much more.


I felt something fishy was going on too. I really hope they are not doing this on purpose. It would be really messed up. But seeing the other part of the website up seems weird.

They are not putting it back up, when they could. So it’s on purpose.

First thing first, did anyone get updated tracking, in the last batch?

Apologies guys for the ESK8 club down. I am trying my best to collect as much information as I can on this one. I will keep you guys updated if ESK8 Club is ever going to be back online


Much appreciated Carl.

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A lot of valueble content had dissapeared.

  • Safety checklists by community members for the Raptor 2
  • Official statements about warranty handling by Enertion support (for example: they stated that if a warranty replacement or repair takes over 2-4 weeks your warranty period will be extended. They won’t do this for you without pointing them to the official statement they made.)
  • Official statements about water ingress and warranty
  • Documented faults of Raptor 2’s (broken axle’s, failing motors etc etc.)
  • Tons and tons of tips about safety, maintenance etc.
  • Tons and tons of tips about accessories
  • This list goes on and on and on ofcours
  • We were/are a community

I get that the forums were filled with complaints… but for good reason.

I feel muted and censored.

This is NOT ok


What reason could make the forum not back online?

I feel you. This situation is getting kinda messed up

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Ask that to Jason, he owns the forum outside of Enertion.

@ajelex I am not sure because I am completely unaware of it right now. But soon I will be able to fetch some information


I agree aswell @jadatmag


@jadatmag We can still work on that. all of the issues. Forum is down that doesn’t mean we will not follow what we said before :slight_smile:


Thanks Carl. But let your management know that shutting down a community that has helped each other going through what Enertion put us through is not ok if that’s what’s happening. Hope you guys solve this issue fast. If it wasn’t for that community my order would be long gone. If you read past the angry post ( which I truly believe Enertion deserves) you have quite a team of fans out there ready to praise the performance of the board and that did so on many occasions. Complaining about the lack of competence and quality of the boards are just byproducts of Enertion ‘s lazy management.

@CarlCollins Thanks for you guys to stick with us and our anger on the forum. Know that deep down your help is truly appreciated.


@ajelex I can understand! I am sure there is something else which held the forum down. Maybe a Cyber attack or something. I’ll let you know once I get any related and useful information about it.


There is problem with billing, it’s down because of the that reason alone.

We need to discuss with hosting provider and see if it can be revived as it was.

Once we know the options we will discuss it internally then act.


And now that there is communication everything is ok! :wink: Thanks @onloop

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You clearly said you were thinking of not putting it back up. You said yourself your role with enertion doesn’t impact those .builder and .club forums. And yet right now you are dealing with that website under the Enertion banner. Carl also confirmed you own the website as an independent, not as Enertion.

So as an independent you have absolutely no reason to not put the website back up, unless you don’t want to pay for hosting/domain anymore and if that’s the case I’m happy to take care of those payments, without administrative position of those websites, because again, they belong to the community.

Will you please stop considering closing the website for good and just leave it back up as it should be? Thank you.


Agree and a comment from @onloop is really needed here. Everything you or Enertion said on this particular issue is inconsistent.


Just glad we have some communication going on with Enertion at this point. But knowing all of the issues and the necessity of this forum, it’s a bit outta touch to only acknowledge it now isn’t it?

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