Solved! trampa shipping delay due to holiday

HI guys,Happy Newyear! :kissing_heart: I ordered 2 decks from @trampa and its been 10days but still nothing coming up:disappointed_relieved:,anybody had the same experience? It is so frustrating, they wont reply to any emails,I sent 3 emails to Ted Orr(their customer service head),but nothing back from him.

I ve heard some bad mouth about trampas customer service so I came up here to seek your adivice, what should I do?
the order number is #14022 maybe trampas people can check it out for me

450€ is a not a lot for venders like trampa, but I had to saving up for months:sob:

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its the holiday season. maybe they are out of office.

Holidays, yeehaw! Seconded here as probably that’s what’s the issue.

Oh right that maybe the cause here. :thinking:


Tony, happy new year. The ball is dropping in New York and @trampa is hopefully well into a holiday, yet wanted to take a moment to help.

Please, email your questions to [email protected] and David will be happy to assist once back in the office.

Stoked to see your Trampa builds! Happy 2019!

Thanks a lot!been worried a bit about my purchase but much better now have a nice day!:kissing_heart:

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