[Solved] Trouble with charging, any suggestions?

Solution: - was wired to GND on charging female-port were flipped.

I’m using a wate 52v (12s) charger. I have a 12s battery setup. I have a deligreen 12s BMS, which works for discharge at the very least.

I haven’t charged my battery in about a year, there is some imbalance, with the lows at 3.77v and the highs at 3.88v. I’ve only charged the board once before, I got pulled away from the project.

As I recall the charger’s fan turned on whenever the charger was plugged in and turned on, it currently does not.

Currently when plug in and turn on the charger, a red light turns on (plugged in) and then a green one turns on (turned on). There is ~50v otuput on the charger.

When the skateboard is not connected to the charger, there is a ticking noise, it sounds like fan tick to me

I guessed at first that the issue was balance charging of the low cells taking a while… but it’s been 45 minutes without a tick of change.

Can anyone think of what you might do to troubleshoot this? I would be grateful for any suggestions thanks.

Edit: I’m gonna double check all the BMS connections for continuity. BMS is getting power, but there is no current to the battery during charge.