SOLVED! US Wanted focbox unity

As stated in the title. I’m Looking for a focbox unity. New or used doesn’t matter. as long as it’s in good working order

Pls let me know if anyone has one or 2 that they would like to sell


I’m on the fence of selling mine OR trade w focbox 1.7HW.

I’ll let you know.


I have two brand new focboxes (non unity) if you want them :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll hit you up soon. :wink:

I have new focboxes. I need a unity. I’ll take take the one you have in your haya :rofl::rofl:

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Needs a unity my brother :grin:

But thank you for the offer

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How much do you want for the focboxes?

I’ve Found what I was looking for. Thank you

Probably 200 usd for both but I sort of wanna sell it local in SF…

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Selling locally is like pulling teeth out of people’s mouth No one wants it :rofl::joy:

200 for both? Im soooo tempted.

You right tho TBH I don’t neeeed to sell them… Maybe I’ll hang on to them forever until they’re antique haha

Or I’ll sell them on the forum at some point


Well imagine that! I happen to live across the bay bridge in crestmont! Ide love to buy those from you.