[SOLVED] *Watt mode* 25% off issue

Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking on the forum a few months and finally got my setup together:

New Enertion VESCX Torque boards 6355 190kV (80amp max) 2,550Watts 10S6P Li-ion Batteries (60amp cont. 120amp max)

My issue is that in Watt control mode it’s almost exactly 25% off. What I mean is if I have the settings to M Max: 80 B Max: 80 Watt: 250Watts

and I punch it, at no time will I get over about 184 Watts on Akamaniac’s android app. Set at 500Watts I see about 376Watts in the Control panel. I was OK with this until I realized That hitting the 80Amp limit (if it’s still following this 25% rule) is about 60Amps and sure enough you can see the Video, I’m limited here to about 60-62amps. You can see my settings in the top left. So what’s going on? I tried to set to 90Amps on the motor current and I get 71amps max in the display. I don’t know what to trust…

Also, I set this up tonight in Watt mode with reverse. I noticed that when I turn off the controller first, the motor spins backwards. I guess that’s for the safety braking, but why backwards, shouldn’t it just request negative amps without going in reverse? Anything I can do about that too?


So I was thinking about this more and thought about the controller maybe not giving full range here. Indeed that was the issue after looking at the App Configuration -> PPM section. I would full throttle and it would only show me about 90%. I used the Median Filter Auto Wizard to correct this. I then had full range.

New problem…TOO MUCH POWER! HAHA, I’m slipping the belt, I love it. Great problem to have.

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