[SOLVED] What screws are used with TB Motor Mounts?

I need new ones. Messed up my angle and stripped them when trying to fix it.

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Sorry i can´t anwser your question but could you please measure the thickness of the aluminium plate of your mount?

At the moment i use a 2mm thick aluminium plate (don´t know which alloy) which bends on high torques, that´s why i want to make a 7075 aluminium plate like TB use but i don´t know the thickness.

Thank you!

I don’t have a caliper or motor mount on me but I think it was 6mm, read that somewhere. Just wait a bit and someone will confirm

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M4x16mm (top) and M4x8mm (bottom)


I recommend you buy torx head pan tops as a replacement. The torx socket is waaay more resistant to stripping and the pan tops are super easy to grip with pliers if you do somehow manage to strip them. I’ve personally replaced all my screws on my tb mount and have had zero stripping issues since.

Better tools do help as well. A better hex key is less likely to strip.