SOLVED with some work: Needed motor pulley 12mm width 10mm bore 12-16 Teeth

EDIT: Solved with some work see 5th post

Any one know where to get a motor pulley 12mm width 10mm bore 12-16 Teeth, preferably with a key way?

Alien has 10mm bore but only 9 and 15mm wide I have a tight space otherwise I’d just use the 15mm wide one from them

I also have tried boring out an 8mm pulley but the key way pulls the drill bit off center (even on a drill press) has 9mm, 15mm and 25mm with the bore hole size +keyway of your chioce.

Do you mean beltingonline?

…Yes sorry

Well I couldn’t find anything. So I tried 2 different approaches.

  1. I drilled out a 8mm bore pulley going only .4mm a pass so 8.4, 8.8, 9.2. 9.6, 10, 10.2 this worked much better than trying to start sight off with a 10mm bit, not perfect but usable. I drilled out.2mm more to get it to fit easier on the 10mm motor shaft. and I had to file the keyway back in.

  2. Removed one flange and ground down the the 15mm wide 10mm bore Alien pulley to 12mm since I don’t need the flange for my project (the wheel pulley has them) This worked out great.

Sorry to thread jack but I’m looking for a pulley for my motor I would like to purchase from @torqueboards but not a fan of the $10 shipping but on such a tiny piece

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