Some battery question

I am looking to make my own 10s4p packs using the 18650 30Q with the U-solder tags ( some people call it C-solder tags)

Is it ok for me to solder some form of the fuse wire onto the welded tag on the battery and solder it onto the 18650 PCB that martinSP sells? 18650%20PCB%20pic

If u spec it for desired current per cell, then why not…

Check cell level fuses to see some more options, if u want to go with tiny wire

Though i think, u would probably be better off soldering directly on these pcb tabs then beefing up connection with extra wire on top, if possible

I do not own a spot welder. Was thinking of soldering the one end of the fuse wire onto the battery tabs and another on the PCB.

Would that be ok for the battery as I know that the battery will degrade under heat and soldering directly onto the battery might degrade the internal composition.

I think you’re still going to run into issues with the heat degrading the battery. I would consider pre-tinning the pcb if you do decide go with the soldering route so as to minimize the amount of time that the battery is exposed to heat.

That why I was thinking of soldering on the tabs of the battery as it might be a little buffer instead of directly on the battery.

If you’re soldering on to the tabs, as long as it’s not for too long you should be fine… Those nickel strips are quite good at dissipating heat so the cells should be safe.

You could make a spot welder to help you with this?

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Could I replace the car battery with a lipo instead?

Only if you use a capacitor as well…

Has this been done before?

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