Some BMS questions from a new memeber

Hi, i am reading you for a long time and finally decided to make my electric skateboard.

I read the various bms post but still have some questions

1- In a configuration of 2 3S Battery to create a 6S battery can i use 2 separate 3s BMS for each battery connected in parallel to the charger port? ( for time reason, I can not find on ebay europe a 6s bms)

2- When i will connect the power suply/charger to the bms, it will automatically drain the max current the bms can take and /or the charger can give? ( to estimate charging times)

3- What voltage power supply should i get for a 3s BMS ? and for a 6s? Don’t know if i have to use a power supply than has a voltage eqaul to the max voltage of charged battery or i can use others…

4- Anyone know where to buy cheap BMS and power supply in europe?

If i said some eresy please forgie me :sweat_smile:

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YouTube videos helped me out with all the basics.

thanks for your input! But it does not have anything to di whit my questions xD I know lipos, i used them for years with rc stuff.
It is the BMS that i still have to figure out, as the title and the questions says. Can you help me with some of those questions? :slight_smile:

You don’t need a bms for a basic 6s build just take the batteries out of the box and charge them. If you don’t want to open the box and charge the battery sure get a bms and a dedicated charger but if you already have a balance charger why bother.

What you described is what i will do during the test of the board. But once i see everything works fine i would like to implement the bms because of it’s simplicity of use, just plug in one wire and i’m done.

You can just make one of those your self.

I would be more comfortable with a industrial strength waterproof connection

You convinced me i have to say! BMS is on hold! I will try your suggestion before :slight_smile: thanks!