Some Custom Badass Build

I have really been wanting to build some badass custom board, and by that I mean not buying all the parts prebuilt for me, like the enertion kits (by the way nothing wrong with them they are great that was my first build). I just want to do the real deal DIY, so this will be my second build. I am by no means a pro and will be needing a lot of help. This will be a long term build so maybe a couple of months. I finally talked one of my professors to let me use the schools equipment, so I have access to tons of fun toys to make this a very special build, so if you guys want to throw some awesome ideas my way I’ll try my best to incorporate it into my build. I plan to make a battery that swaps out easily so I can keep a spare in my backpack. Definitely gonna have a duel motor set up, gonna try to design a mechanical brake for emergences, lots of lights, and thats about all I have for now.

Board: $25 & shipping total $48.30 -Ordered

Motors: [email protected] $61 total $127 -Ordered @JLabs hooked me up 6354’s 190kv

Vescs: 2 @OllinBoards @$165 each

Cells: total $140.70 (30 Samsung 18650) cells Still open to suggestions

BMS Unit: $38

Wheel pulley: FREE Im gonna cnc a 12mm in school not sure how many teeth yet

Motor pulley: $? I’ll find a corresponding pulley for my wheel pulley and motor

Belts: $? I might get some awesome super durable ones from this guy who has them locally and he’ll cut to what I need

Enclosure: $Free I’m gonna make my own custom to allow for quick swapping batteries, through my school

Trucks: $40 Caliber 2 50s

Riser pads: $7

Bearings: $16

Wheels: $60 I absolutely love kegels Total price: $807 Currently

Am missing anything please let me know. Will update when I fully decide all parts just posting now so I can get some opinions and suggestions. Oh and I plan to have a split enclosure.

What kind of equipment do you have access to from your school? That way we can give ideas

Seems like a lot of work. But that’s half the fun of esk8. Looks like you’re missing motor mounts and controller. Good luck

To start with multiple CNC machines, lathes, tons of different 3D printers including resin printers, drill presses, saws, belt sanders. I think there’s more I took a quick peek today that’s what I can name off the top of my head

And haha thanks I’m going to try and make my own mount if not probly go with enertion mounts and controller maybe a gt2b mod

Check out EL wires, I am planning on making a tron board for my next build. Inspiration comes from @longhairedboy.

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yeah i’m working on an EL equipped one right now for a customer who wanted a rain proof commuter with a TRON theme and foot bindings, fenders, and headlights for commuting to work in the wet season. I’ll be working on that a lot this weekend actually. I’d love to keep it for Maker Faire but he’s been waiting long enough already.

if you decide to do something like that you might want to consider They’re SUPER helpful and their stuff is pretty reliable and fairly inexpensive. They helped me out when i failed to understand anything about this stuff and burned up a few components. They have small 12V inverters that work very well with a 12v UBEC.

they’ll tell you this 100 times and print it on everything they send you: DON’T POWER UP THE INVERTER UNTIL ITS CONNECTED TO tHE EL WIRE. I did that. i have a couple of dead inverters now. lol

100% silicone sealant will keep anything out of your box. Even you if you’re not careful. I’ve been using it to keep the crud out of my boxes for the last few builds. I’m tired of dirt and moisture getting into there. But since you mentioned you want to quick swap batteries that may not be the way to go for you. OF course if you build your pack big enough you won’t need to swap, you’ll be sick of riding before it runs out.

i like the Samsung IRN18650-25R cells. You can’t beat the price/performance ratio there. They pack a mean punch at around $5 per cell depending on how many you order. has a wide selection of BMSs and chargers to match, and the chargers come with charging ports of you get the ones listed for ebikes. if you go with a 4P or 5P pack you should totally get the 4amp charger. It will charge a 12S4P in about 2.5 - 3 hours. Shipping from China is a bitch, but it will get here within a reasonable amount of time, and you don’t have to order two of them and call it a sample.

If you don’t get a BMS with a built in e-switch, get a vedder switch from somebody, they’re more compatible with regen than the flier switches, although the flier types do hold up pretty well depending on where you get them.


Ok I was playing with some of the 3D printers getting max size on each platform and with the board dimensions from custom boards I can go with 12s2p and thank you for a battery choice I’ll check them out on liion wholesale site.

I have 3x 6354’s left from the group buy. $61 a piece. Let me know if your interested.

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I’m not saying that axle’s VESCs are bad. But I would definitely consider an Enertion or Ollin Board Co. VESC. I wasted $100 on a VESC that threw me off the board after a week of use. Turned out it was manufacturer defect and I was SOL because that company assumed it was user error and I didn’t have the experience to notice the defect.

$170 for a working VESC is a lot better than $166 but eventually buying the $170 later.

Thank you for potentially saving my face I’ll get enertion ones while the still 100

What’s your opinion on them are they good?

I know it sounds like a lot, but get the warranty. It’s really worth it. Especially if you are new to this. These VESCs are still in beta and small errors cause major problems.

Hmmm yea I might just do tht :pensive::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

The motors are very high quality, very very similar to the ones found on DIYelectricskateboard.

Ok sign me up

Ok small update I’ll be 3D printing the enclosure for my battery I’ll be printing out of a carbon nylon filament should be tough enough I’m currently making it in inventor I’ll post up here when I’m done and I bought some of tht el wire stuff omg I can’t wait this board is going to be awesome.

@longhairedboy just curious what do you use to fill and seal the wire channels, just epoxy?

The board came looks amazing, I got to say I’m a little worried about routing into it’s a little on side the thin side


Have you got the designs for your enclosures

My teacher is teaching me all these different way to make things in inventor befor I fully design this enclosure but I have some drawing if you want to see the jist of what I’m thinking