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Some experienced electric mountainboard builders?

Hello people from I want to make a electric mountainboard and i got some parts but i don’t know if these parts connects to each other. Can someone check it for me pleas?

These are my parts: Deck: 9-67 original 15° short deck Trucks: INFINITY ATB Trucks 12mm Solid Axles SOLID Hanger Body with - Mega Strong (x2)/ Wheels: Custom 8 Inch HYPA Wheel (x2) Remote: The wand remote control Motor mounts: Mountainboard PRO Belt Drive TWIN Motor Mounts, Motors & Precision INFINITY Hanger Battery box: BEAST Box options for CARVEBOARDS 6 - 12Amp Battery: HRB 18.5V/5S1P 12000mAh 25C LiPo battery (x2) Bindings: Ratchet Bindings - Black straps on Black Foam with Silver L Brackets & Ratchets Motor: TRAMPA’s own 6376 160Kv 3800w DC Brushless Motor - 300mm Sensor Cables Box (x2) Vesc: VESC 6 MKIV In CNC T6 Silicone Sealed Aluminium Box with Genuine XT90 Connectors (x2)